Dalton Bio Cleaner

You Will Love It.

Why Datlon Bio Cleaner?

Datlon Bio Cleaner is an edible and safe ingredient based Solution with excellent cleansing power to easily remove all types of surface hazards like pesticides, fungicides, bacterias, pathogens, sand, oil, wax, dirt, etc. Presend on the surface of vegetables and fruits which are nearly impossible to wash with water alone.

  • Safely Removes Germs, Bacteria, Chemicals & Waxes
  • 100% Naturally Derived Cleaners
  • No after taste, smell or residue
  • Suitable for all fruits & Vegetables (Except Mushrooms)


Bio Cleaner

  • Safely removes surface toxins, pesticides chemicals and waxy residues from fruits and vegetables.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Antimicrobial properties kill 99.9% if comm food-borne bacteria including Salmonella, E-Coil and Listeria.
  • Treated fruits and begetables maintain their original taste and flavour.
  • Does not leave any residues after cleaning
  • Highly concentrated for economical use.
  • Required in small doses for ease of dilution.


Beta-hydroxytricarballylic acid, Carbonic acid mono sodium salt, Sorbitan easter, vinager, azadirachta indica-neem extract


Vegetable + Fruit

  • Size :

  • 500 ml

  • 1 Ltr.

  • 5 Ltr.

How to Use ?

Datlon Bio Cleaner Vegetable + Fruit Wash Liquid, 7 Layer Protection From Bio Hazard, Germs & Bacteria, Pesticides, Dirt, Chemicals, Waxes, Preservatives.

Bio Cleaner Uses Direction:

Pre-wash Fruits & Vegetable with flowing water to remove solid dirt.

  • Pour 1 cap (10 ml) of Datlon Bio Cleaner in 1 Ltr water. ( Sufficient for 1kg of Fruits or Vegetables.)
  • Soak Fruits and Vegetables in dilution for around 2 mints. Which is Insta Cleaning.
  • Drain Thoroughly and Rinse with Fresh Water.
  • Add 1 Cap (10ml) of Product in 1L Water
  • Soak Vegetables & Fruits for 2 Mins
  • Rub them well with hands
  • Rinse with Fresh Water