Datlon Hand Sanitizer (Clear)

67% Denatured Alcohol with Vitamin C & E in Clear Gel Base
Color : Clear

Fragrance : Sweet + Citrus

  • Size :

  • 100 ml

  • 500 ml

  • 5 Ltr

Protect and safeguard yourself from 99.9% harmful germs with the datlon hand sanitizer gel. Datlon sanitizer helps to prevent the spread of bacteria causing diseases. Datlon hand sanitizer gel contains vitamin e which helps to maintain skin moisture level and helps to improve skin immunology by vitamin c. Datlon hand sanitizer gel does not contain harmful chemicals like parabens, triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate (sls), making it safe for everyday use. A non-stick and non-greasy formula allows for on-the-go easy application. The datlon hand sanitizer gel is gentle on your hands and skin with its well-balanced ph formula. In the absence of soap and water, help stop the transfer of germs and viruses, and reduce the risk of passing on infections by using hand sanitizer gel. Datlon clear hand sanitizer gel is recommended for regular hand cleansing inside your home, office and in public places, especially before consuming food & eatables and after coming in contact with any external surface, pet or a person.

How to use?

Apply a small amount of Datlon hand sanitizer gel in your palm and rub hands together briskly until dry.

Note : Children under 6, should be supervised when using this product.