Liquid Detergent

For gentle wash of cloths with enzymes
Color : Blue

  • Size :

  • 1 Ltr

Evernew keep clothes soft and lustrous because of its low alkalinity compared to conventional detergents, it is equally suitable for white and coloured fabrics.

Evernew being in liquid form it is easily soluble and thus avoids detergent residue on clothes and on machine parts, this makes Evernew ideal for washing delicate fabrics and clothes for babies and people with sensitive skin.

A blend of natural enzymes, Evernew is free from harmful toxins making it safe for your clothes and the environment.

Evernew is bleach and phosphate free and hence doesn’t damage clothes or washing machine and it is also environment friendly.

Evernew has a low foaming formulation specially developed for front & top loading washing machines.

For a full wash load of normal fabrics add 40 ml of Evernew in the detergent dispensing tray and fordelicate fabrics add only 20 ml

Why Evernew Liquid Detergent better

  • Ever new is best for all types of washing machine & hand wash too.
  • Ever new is Eco Frindly Liquid Detergent.
  • Ever new Liquid detergent is specially desing formula, which gives ever new look to your all type of fabric.
  • Ever new takes care of all types of fabrics with your washing machine also.