We Care

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus continues to spread across the world, we're working around the clock to deliver solutions that help with prevention and control of this global pandemic, while keeping our employees safe.

We take care of our responsibilities Towards Staff

  • Daily Sanitization of premises
  • Daily Maintenance of Record of every staff Health
  • Work with Social distance protocol
  • Facilities to work from home
  • Immune booster supplies to staff

Our responsibilities towards Product

  • No use of Pesticides, Paraben, and other harmful chemicals
  • Maximum utilisation of Food and Pharma grade ingredients
  • NO Direct Human Contact Production
  • Sanitization of every pack before dispatch

Our responsibilities towards Society

  • Free Distribution of Our product to front line worries of COVID -19
  • A share of profit for Education
  • Contribution of Hygiene care and education to the slum
  • A range of Veterinary care Products

Our responsibilities towards Environment

  • 0 % water wastage
  • 0% Air Pollution
  • 0% Hazardous chemical generation
  • Plantation of Tree each year with age of Industry
  • 4000 sq feet of garden